Best Pubs/Clubs Khao San Road

Best Pubs/Clubs Khao San Road

Khao san road is probably one of the most happening and popular road in Bangkok, for its amazing night life.  When there make sure to check out these pubs and clubs, you would not want to miss out on the pub hopping experience of your lifetime.  Here are a few you just cannot miss!

The Brick Bar: A fun lively bar which is pretty popular with the tourists and the locals equally. They have live music (band) and people swing the night away. A pretty good sight I must say.  If you are a pop fan and a like a nice atmosphere, this place might just be for you.


Madam Musur: Want to enjoy some cocktails with a local twist and get the northern Thai feel, then you might want to check out this hidden gem on the Khao san road.  The flavors and their combos are to die for. One needs to visit at least once.


The club: Techno and trance freaks? This place is definitely for you then. Its stylish and classy and has carved a separate niche for itself over time. It will come across as any international club, with it’s huge dance floor and a neon lit DJ console.


Barlumphu: It is known to host the best live blues in whole of Bangkok. You can enjoy a drink and some beer till the blues last which is then followed by classic tunes.  A nice outdoor hangout, for a chilled out evening with the yummy traditional Thai delicacies.


Gulliver’s Pub: It’s a popular, little on the high end place on the street, but it is totally worth it. You can enjoy mixing in with the locals and share some stories around. It was more of a sports club but has been transformed into some sort of a sci-fi look over in the recent times.


Tell us later how your experience was! We can’t wait to hear! X

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