Looking for a travel partner?

Looking for a travel partner?

The new trend these days is finding dating partners in the place you would like to visit or someone to find to travel with. I have always come across people and friends who keep saying they want to travel, but have no one to do so with or they cannot afford a certain international trip or get the best local possible experience. Whichever, the case this new “in” thing is definitely here to stay, for the modern world, especially for the travel crazy crowd out there.

There are various travel dating sites that provide you with the chance to do so.

  • Misstravel.com definitely tops the list and is a great site for those looking for international adventures and a partner to go on them with.


  • Triptogether.com is best to find companions who can show you around their hometowns and countries to those wanting to visit.


  • Tourbar.com is apt for meeting new people and experiences places together.


  • Stich.net is for those who might be looking to find someone special, this might be where you should be looking.


  • Travelhostdate.com is a more organized and sorted out travel dating. Be sure to check it out.


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