Still wondering why you need to travel?

Still wondering why you need to travel?

If you are still wondering where you are missing out. Here is some motivation. Thank us later! 😀

Keep reinventing and doing something new:

Travel helps you to keep reinventing yourself, as in the process you are always doing something new. It of course isn’t fun to be one of those uninteresting people with no stories to tell later in life. I think we all can imagine how that might turn out.


Being knowledgeable and educated:

It might now be a university or school, but travel does help you learn quite a bit about a certain country. It gives an insight into its cultures, their economy politics and history to a large extent.  It probably would not be possible to get that from the schools or the internet.

Building your personality and self confidence:

What makes travel worth it is the unexpected situations that you encounter on the way. Trust me, nothing beats it! Noting ever goes as planned and we know it. Dealing with things according to what the situation throws at you helps boost your self confidence in a great way, which in turn is connected to your happiness.

Smile, cause its infectious:

It’s a true fact which we all know, but sometimes tend to forget. When locals are happy and friendly, it automatically makes your travel and experience in that place better. On the other hand, if you are always smiling, they will be more open and cheerful for having you around. It basically works both ways and never goes wrong! Smile is directly connected to happiness and it is infectious as hell. Even poor countries or that have seen lot of pain, people tend be quite inviting which lifts your mood and spirits instantly. Keep smiling even when back home, it is a good habit.


Appreciating what you have in life:

While traveling somewhere far away there might be times where you miss home, family and friends. Most of the times we take the amazing things we have in life for granted and being miles away somehow makes you realize that. You just want to run back home and enjoy the little pleasures which life is made of. And hey, you do need people to listen to the great adventures you have experienced over the travels.

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