Top 5 temples to visit in Thailand

Top 5 temples to visit in Thailand

Bangkok has some of the world’s most popular temples and their beauty and architecture is to die for! It has got some of the most amazing culture and history and its temples are a proof of it. “Wat” means temple in Thai, therefore everything is going to be starting with that, just in case you would be wondering what it is all about.

Be sure to check them out when you are there:

Wat Arun: One of the most famous temples of Bangkok and is found on the banks of the Chap praya river and tends to pull in a lot of crowd for its beauty.  It was established way back in the seventeenth century and is located pretty close to the Grand Palace, making it easy to reach.

wat-arun-1200 (1)

Wat Phra Kaew: Acknowledged mostly as temple of the Emerald Buddha and is also the most visited temple in the City. The statue in the temple is said to be found in the 1400s in Chaing Mai and after few travels made its way finally to this temple in Bangkok. You just cannot miss this one.


Wat Pho: This temple if popular for its reclining Buddha statue, which is otherwise known as the temple of reclining Buddha as well. It is believed to be one of the oldest and largest temples in the city and is named after a monastery in India.


Wat Traimit: This welcomes you when you enter the China town and is extremely pretty to look at. Looking elegant in white and gold, this temple gets a lot of locals and tourists all the time. The main attraction of this structure is its excellent architecture.


Wat Mahatat: Known as one of the 10 royal temples of the classes in the country, it was established in the Ayuthoya period. It also comprises of the higher education institute for the Buddhist monks. Be sure to visit this which falls conveniently between Grand Palace and Royal Palace.


Temple hopping may just be the new cool thing in town.

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