Top 6 things for a girl traveller to do in Bangkok

Top 6 things for a girl traveller to do in Bangkok

Are you a girl traveling alone in bangkok? It may seem like there is nothing out there for the single ladies to do in the land of smiles, but that is not the case. There are plenty of things that single girls can do in this amazing city as well from shopping to relaxing or to having a totally girly time with their girl gang. Not just the day, but the night will be equally exciting for the ladies. Go get on those shoes and explore the city as a girl, you might just surprise yourself.

Tea chocolate buffet: Looking to get a sugar high with all the yum calories, you would not want to miss this one of a kind afternoon tea chocolate buffet at the sukothai hotel. Just makes sure you wear something stretchy or loose. It is totally worth it.


Retail therapy: Go crazy and berserk with the shopping. This is the time you need to wear comfortable shoes and keep going and buying anything and everything you see, because it is as amazing as people say it is.


Free drinks on ladies night: There are definitely perks of being a lady and free drinks on ladies night are definitely the cherry on the cake. Enjoy you evening out at various clubs on their ladies nights.


Ko kret: Being a girl is not all about shopping and looking fancy, for those girls who love cycling and being a little on the road, cycling around the ko kret is just for you.


Muay thai: Wanting to do something different? Like maybe taking some muay thai lessons. These are one of the specialties and have trained many forces previously.


Karoke: Bring out your singing skills and visit a karoke with your girl friends, this might not be something you would generally do with a bunch of guys. This is totally cool though, try out the R n B karaoke at Thong lor.


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